Which charging cable should I use?

In the UK, you’ll find that some chargers have a cable already attached and ready to use, while others will need you to attach your own cable. Your electric vehicle should come with a cable as standard, which you can easily plug into your vehicle and any Be.EV charging station that doesn't already have one.  

All our rapid chargers have cables attached but you will need to check whether your car uses a CHAdeMO or CCS connector. You can also use the Type 2 cable that came with your car on the side of the rapid chargers for a slower charge if someone is already using one of the rapid cables.  

When using one of our fast chargers, plug your Type 2 cable into your vehicle and the Be.EV charging station.  

Your car may have also come with another cable that plugs into a traditional 3 pin plug. These are for charging at home and are not needed when charging on our network. 


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