Which cable is suitable for my car?

Most new electric vehicles come with a cable that you can plug into your vehicle and a charger to use for AC charging. Many also come with an equivalent cable that can be plugged into your traditional 3-pin plug. 


Cable with 3 pin plug 

These come as standard with the majority of new electric vehicles. The rate of charging is very slow and is only recommended when other charging options are unavailable, or if you are planning to charge your car at home over longer periods.  

Type 2 cables 

Used by a majority of home/work chargers, as well as AC public charging posts, these deliver shorter charging times than 3 pin plugs. 


When it comes to rapid charging, there are two types of connectors, namely CHAdeMO and CCS. These are rapid-charging DC sockets, which allow for faster charging. These chargers have the cables tethered, which means you don’t have to use your own – you simply have to choose the correct one that fits your car.


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