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My car won’t charge – what should I do?

Be.EV users tell us our charging points are quick, convenient and easy to use. If on the off chance you do have an issue, please let us know via our contact us form or give our 24/7 helpdesk a bell.  

If your car won’t charge, it could be that your payment details aren’t up to date. But don’t worry; they’re easy to update. Simply log into your Be.EV account (or create one via be.EV.co.uk) and add your new or existing details. 

If the bank details you originally used to set up a direct debit have changed, send us a quick email at support@be-ev.co.uk with the subject line ‘Update Payment Details’. Make sure you send the query from the email address you used to register your account and one of our team will delete your existing payment details. 

We’ll then email you within 48 hours to let you know when you can log back into your account and add your new details. 


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