How do I use the app on a Be.EV Rapid charger?

telegram-cloud-document-2-5344072461740676100-1 1. To charge your car using the Be.EV app, download it via Apple App Store® for iPhone or Google Play for Android. 
fast-3 2. Open up the app and make sure you’re signed into your account. 
fast-4 3. If you’ve allowed location services on your device, your app will locate you and find your charging station. 
fast-5 4. If your location services aren’t enabled, just tap the screen to wake up the charging point and enter the number on the top right of the machine. 
rapid-5 5. Your app will then be able to find the charging station. Select the connector for your car, which is based on the model of your vehicle.  
fast-2 6. Once the cable is unlocked, plug it into your car. 
rapid-7 7. Once it’s plugged in, head back to the screen on the machine and start charging – it’s as easy as that! 
screen-shot-2022-01-06-at-15-40-33 Psst: please don’t forget to check if there are any parking restrictions.  

If you haven’t charged with us before, it’s well worth watching our handy how-to video so that you know you’re getting it right.

How to use our App on a Be.EV Rapid Charger


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